The Seasteading Institue

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“The ocean is the next frontier of human civilization.” That is the main objective and vision of the Seasteading Institute. They are working on achieving the goal of creating cities that float above water. Government is a powerful controller of the lives of its people. They believe that innovative political systems cities could be more beneficial than government action being taken right now. The Institute is working on engineering cities that are safe and comfortable for people and in all different sea conditions. In order to receive the Poseidon Award, the Institute must build an independent seastead by 2015 that is capable of sustaining at least 50 residents and be “financially self-sufficient,” among other requirements. Not only is the Institute trying to innovate new ideas, but do so in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. There is a conference coming up at the end of May/beginning of June in order to further continue carrying out this intricate project and achieve their goal.  Below is the link to The Seasteading Institiute blog for more information and updates:

Follow this link for a brief glimpse of what’s going on: Introduction to Seasteading

-Sara Boukdad



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