ZipCar: A Student Perspective

10.04.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

The following is an interview I conducted with a fellow Stonehill Student.

Me: Why did you decide to use the ZipCar?

Student: I actually needed to get to a doctor’s appointment that was not located on the shuttle route; therefore, I used the ZipCar because using it allowed me to get there. I think that the ZipCar is useful for anyone who needs to get somewhere not on the shuttle route or someone who needs to be somewhere on one of the days when the shuttle isn’t running.

Me: Is there a benefit to using the ZipCar on campus?

Student: The ZipCar was very convenient and I am glad to see it on campus. You do not have to worry about paying for gas, washing it, or clearing snow off of it in the winter since you are just temporarily renting it. It allows students to go places that the shuttle doesn’t stop at and this gives them more flexibility in their schedule. Also, the ZipCars are ecologically friendly because they reduce the number of cars that are on the road and one of them is even a hybrid! Students who live very far away and cannot bring their cars benefit; freshmen who are not allowed to bring their cars benefit as well.

Me: Would you recommend the ZipCar to anyone else on campus?

Student: I would definitely recommend the ZipCar to Stonehill students. I had a problem opening the car but the hotline operator was able to fix the situation quickly. I appreciated that very much. The car was in great condition and I think that many students will benefit from having it here on campus.

Me: Do you plan on using the ZipCar again?

Student: Yes, I do plan on using the ZipCar again and I would recommend that all of my friends use it too. The rates were very reasonable. Also, there is an iPhone app for it which makes it very convenient to reserve the ZipCar.

Me: How would you convince someone to want to use the ZipCar?


  • It’s cheap
  • It’s easy to use/drive
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s less effort than riding a bike somewhere
  • You don’t have to beg upperclassmen for a ride
  • It works with your schedule
  • The car has a nice new car scent
  • It lets you go where you want to go when you want to go

Me: Thank you for conducting this interview and taking time out of your day.

Student: You’re welcome. My pleasure!

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