April Showers Bring May Flowers!

04.08.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

This week April has started and Spring is on its way! The past couple of weeks of Spring have been a little shaky, and unpredictable, but nevertheless warmer weather is on its way. With longer days and more sun, now is the perfect time to start thinking about starting a garden that you can enjoy now and throughout the summer. You can grow a variety of pretty flowers, either annuals or perennials, or you could try your hand at growing your own tomatoes this summer. Growing your own garden, whether flower, vegetable, herb, or a combination of the three can be both a fun hobby and a secure source of fresh and organic produce. I can’t think of a better summer treat than juicy garden tomatoes on a fresh salad! Gardens can be a lot of work, but gardening is a rewarding hobby that many people enojoy and many families do together throughout the spring and summer months.



The links above are a couple of resources that will help you get started on a vegetable garden or a flower garden if you are a beginner. Gardening is not just a way to keep Sprng alive throughout the season, but it is also a great way to live more sustainably. By growing your own food, you will help to reduce your environmental impact. Your food will not have pesticides or other growth chemicals on it and you will be reducing the amount of fuel needed to transport your food from wherever it is grown to the grocery store. By using a compost bin at home and composting materials from your home, you can also reduce the amount of wast you put out. There are many environmental and personal benefits to gardening and there are many resources you can use, both online and at local gardening stores, to help you get started and improve your gardening skills.

Have fun finding your green thumb!

-Aimee Morrison

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