Spring Cleaning the Green Way

04.10.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

We all know that the pastime of spring cleaning marks the annual and much anticipated arrival of spring, but did you know that it is also a great time to help the environment? As we rummage through our dusty closets and drawers, it is easy to throw out a lot of items that would actually still have use somewhere else. So before you chuck it in the garbage can, try one of these neat ideas to recycle or reuse your unwanted items.

– Did you know that you can send your unwanted furniture to a furniture recycler that will then turn it into new furniture? Not only will this save you from paying to bring your old furniture to the dump, but it will help the environment by not wasting the wood or other materials.

– Got lots of unwanted papers laying around? Instead of throwing these in the trash, why not flip them over and print on the other side? There are many things that we print that don’t need to be turned in as assignments, so what is the difference if they have writing on the back? This will save you from having to buy as much paper and will also produce less paper waste.

-Another great way to go green is to replace old appliances with new, energy efficient ones.

For more information feel free to visit http://www.futurefriendly.com.

-Danielle Garceau

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