Summer at the Beach

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It is only the middle of April, and the Boston Marathon is going to be held tomorrow in 90 degree weather. Although the end of the semester seems to be dragging along to the finish line, summer is coming early and is winning out in the race. Instead of papers and finals, many of us will be hitting the beach this week, or will be wishing that we could. Whether you decide to stick your toes in the sand tomorrow or to celebrate the end of the year in May, here are some eco-friendly beach  tips to keep in mind when you go!

1) Carpooling to the beach is always fun and it can help to save on gas! It can also help your group reduce CO2 emissions and energy spent to get to your destination.

2) When you first get to the beach, use the boardwalk or walkovers that lead you to the beach if there is one. Doing this will help to protect sand dunes that may be sensitive to human interference and it will help to preserve ant animal or plant life that exists on the edges of the beach.

3) For lunch pack an old-fashioned picnic! Not only will those sandwiches and lemonade hit the spot on a sunny day, but by using reusable cutlery and cups, you can reduce your total waste from your beach excursion and reduce the risk of trash being left behind. Also if you can’t use reusable eating utensils and cups, make sure to dispose of your waste properly or take it home with you to throw away!

4) Remember that you are a guest at the beach so respect of he natural flora and fauna is key. The beach can be a very interesting place, but be sure not to disturb and observe animals and plants from a safe distance.

5) Finally, you can help support eco-friendly beaches by choosing to visit them instead of other beaches that may be overcrowded and devoid of fun and interesting wildlife and plants. Also many of them are in other parts of the world so you can plan some fun international adventures this summer! Some of these eco-friendly beaches include:

Whitehaven Beach: Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Playa Matapalo: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve: Oahu, Hawaii

Koh Libong: Trang Province, Thailand

Las Islas Cies: Galicia, Spain

Happy Vacationing and Beach Hopping!

-Aimee Morrison

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