Blue Gold: World Water Wars

11.12.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

On November 5th, the Eco-reps got together and organized a school-wide merit point event involving the screening of one of the most important films of the decade: Blue Gold. This video speaks to a larger, wider audience about the importance of water. It also does a fantastic job of displaying the importance of water sustainability. This film displays the growing concerns of dwindling water supplies through non-conservative methods and privatization all over the world, including cities in the United States. Blue Gold lays the controversy surrounding privatization versus having the government control the water supply. The essential question the movie tries to answer is how will the human race survive the struggle? There was a brief discussion following the end of the movie. Most viewers were astonished at how important the issue was and how much is being done to provide fresh drinking water that has become the norm in many parts of first world countries. This topic is becoming as relevant as the current struggle for fossil fuels, if not more important.

-Sara Boukdad

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