Sparking the Environmental Movement

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Over the past thirty years, the Environmental movement has been making headlines and in the last ten years has begun to take a front seat in the issues facing mankind. Although the knowledge of the public about environmental issues facing us is not where it needs to be, environmental awareness and the knowledge people know about it continues to grow. On September 27, 1962, a scientist by the name of Rachel Carson published her book “Silent Spring” , which opens peoples eyes to the negative effects of pesticides on the environment. The book sold over two millin copies. Although her intent was not to start an environmental movement, many believe that this book sparked the environmental movement. Her work was over many years and contained data collected from many sources. The book was greeted with negative remarks from pesticide companies who tried to make her work look unreliable and false. In 1963, while losing a battle with breast cancer, she testified in front of a Senate subcommittee on pesticides. Rachel Carson was a pioneer in environmental science field and believed in sustainable practices. Her story shows how much one person can truly accomplish and how in only takes one to spark a movement that continues to grow. Her ideas and research continues to stand strong today. There are many ways for people to get involved in the environmental movementand it starts with them self. By living more sustainable, together, we can lower our carbon footprint and end the destructive actions of mankind on the environment.

Below is a link to 10 ways to be sustainable and save money:

-Andrew Morahan

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