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Can you be green while surfing the web? You can by reading this blog! This is website is hosted by, which uses green power by buying Renewable Energy Credits or RECs. These can be used to pay wind farms to generate renewable energy on the behalf of Host Gater. Host Gater can then claim credit for the wind power that is put onto the grid by the farm. Every REC purchased generates 1 megawatt of wind power and Host Gater has purchased RECs for, according to the website, “130% of the electricity used to power and cool its shared and reseller servers”.  This has a huge impact for the environment. The energy saved has the power the equivalent of taking 444 cars off the road for a year, conserving 5, 654 barrels of oils, powering 321 homes for a year, or saving 551 acres of forest for a year. The positive action that is coming out of this is quite amazing considering that Host Gater is hosting 4 million websites! So next time you plan on procrastinating tomorrow’s assignment, visit the sustainability blog so you can be green while doing so.




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By: Chanel Mazzone

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