Sustainable Summer

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sustainable summer

As we reach the end of the semester and enjoy the nice weather, we can’t help but think about the summer ahead of us. Even though most of us won’t be on campus anymore, there are some sustainable tips to take home with you!
• Planning a cookout? Whoever has a propane gas grill or electric one should be in charge of the cooking! Charcoal grills can really do damage to the air quality and propane burns a lot cleaner.
• Also at a cookout, use plastic plates and silverware that can easily be rinsed off and recycled, or even better, look for ones that are biodegradable! And meanwhile, make it known that you’re trying to go green by visibly labeling barrels and bins for recyclables!
• Try a new all natural sunscreen that won’t pollute the waters or bleach the coral, but also keeps you well protected!
• Everyone loves a fun summer project, maybe this summer you could try creating your own compost bin! Show your parents how much food you don’t have to waste by allowing it to decompose and build rich soil.
• Take advantage of the nice weather and choose a bike ride or hike nearby (depending on where you live) instead of a road trip, which can also get pretty expensive. Take a walk to a local market or farm stand and support the business and also provide yourself with fresh fruits and veggies or just enjoy the nature around you.
• If you’re not up for a hike or bike ride, try bringing nature to you by starting a small garden of herbs on a windowsill, or grow a few veggies in the backyard. If it goes well, start preparing your soil for an even bigger garden for next season!
• Keep a close eye on that thermostat! AC can sometimes feel like the best thing ever, but take advantage of the fresh air by keeping the windows open. Ceiling fans are another energy efficient way of staying cool, and if that still doesn’t do the trick, turning the thermostat up a few degrees won’t make too big of a difference and you can save more money than you think!
• We all know mosquitoes are a pain, but before spraying the whole yard, take a second look at what you’re putting down. It can harm a lot of the insect and plant life in your yard and it probably isn’t the best for the family dog. Some plant life is also naturally helpful at mosquito repelling such as rosemary. Look into some other possible options if you want to keep your yard sustainable
Now all we have to do is make it through these last few weeks and we can be on our way to a healthy, green summer!

By Sarah Dunsing

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