Spring Clean Up Tips

04.16.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Spring is arriving and many people will be cleaning out their house and yards along with college students moving out of dorm rooms. Many things are thrown away when people are having a spring cleaning that can either be recycled or reused. When cleaning the house for a spring cleaning, instead of throwing out items, yard sales can be a great alternative to throwing out items and you can gain some money. People can buy these items for less money than they would brand new and it is a much more sustainable idea because instead of items being thrown away into landfills, they can be reused by other people.

Another idea is the items can be donated to charities or recycled. Many companies collect items and reuse them to make other items. Charities are always looking for donations and you can find many charities that take a wide variety of items from clothing to toys to furniture. This is a great way of helping others and keeping items of landfills.

This is the same idea for students moving out of dorm rooms for the summer. If they have items that they do not want anymore, they can send them to charities or sell them to other students. Also items like ink cartridges are often thrown out. These items such as ink cartridges, keyboards, monitors, batteries and other electronics are known as e-waste. They are often thrown out by students in the trash. These items end up in landfills where they either do not decay  or cause run-off into streams. One example of this is batteries. Over time when batteries are in landfills, they breakdown and the acid in them can runoff into streams, rivers and other water ways, disrupting ecosystems and soil ph.

Spring clean up is often not very sustainable, but with a few steps, we can reduce waste and reuse many items we would otherwise throw out.

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