Skipping to Recycling

04.16.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Many people these days often think of Recycling as the only thing they can do to help the environment but that is not the first step we should take to be sustainable. Reducing and Reusing, eliminates the need to recycle. Reducing the amount of materials and resources we use ultimately decreases the amount of material that needs to be reused and recycled and often times thrown into the trash. There are many ways one can reduce. Simply not driving your car as often and taking public transportation or biking decreases the amount of crude oil used. It also decreases the number of fossil fuels we are putting into the atmosphere. Another way to reduce is simply putting less on your plate. By not over filling your plate, less food is thrown out which is wasted. Many do not know the amount of resources need to make food as simple as a hamburger. Another step is Reusing. By reusing items, we eliminate the need to buy new items and use less materials, therefore being more sustainable. Reusing is a step often not used because everyone throws something away once they have no other need for it. However many items can be reused. Recycle is not the first step that we need to take and if we follow the three R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle, we can greatly decrease our carbon footprint.

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