Have you grabbed your Green?

04.23.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Last week, the students at Stonehill ran a one-week initiative to reduce the amount of plastic, disposable containers used on campus. Most schools require students to eat at the cafeteria area, so that fact that food can be taken out is a rare treat. For one week, students were not permitted to buy the to-go containers provided by Sodexo. Instead, students were encouraged to “Grab the Green” and buy the green reusable containers sold by Sodexo. To sweeten the deal, approximately 1,000 containers were donated and given away to students. The privilege of these plastic containers is no small fee to the company, as the student body uses about 4,000 of these disposable containers per week at a total cost of over $45,000 a year! While a reusable container only cost $3, the disposable containers are 0.33 cents per use. Just 10 uses of these plastic containers is more expensive than using the green, reusable containers for every single meal eaten at the commons. The reusable containers have huge environmental benefits in addition to the economic advantages. The United States is a main contributor to rising global carbon emissions because of the energy it uses. If less energy is spent producing these containers, along with other good environmental practices, we can reverse the process of climate change and the negative impacts that are brought along with it.

-Chanel MazzoneECOREPSTo Go 1

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