Green Beach Days

05.05.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

by Danielle Witter


With summer fast approaching, we begin to daydream about sunny, relaxing trips to the beach. As you prepare for your beach outings, it is important to keep sustainability in mind! Here are a few tips to keep your beach trip as green as possible.

– If the beach is in walking distance, save the gas and walk there! If you do not live near a beach, drive to the closest one.
– Pack your food in reusable storage containers. Use washable plates, cups, and cutlery. Use re-usable napkins. Put everything in a good old-fashioned basket or tote. Minimize waste!
– Keep yourself hydrated with water you brought from home in a reusable bottle. Avoid bringing or purchasing plastic water bottles, like Poland Springs or Dasani.
– Don’t use aerosol sunscreen. Use lotion or a pump spray instead.
– Throw out your own trash, and pick up trash that you may see around you.
– Instead of using an outdoor shower to rinse the sand off of you before entering your car, try baby powder instead! Sprinkling baby powder on sandy areas makes it easier to brush off.
– Minimize your use of electronics. Enjoy nature or read a book instead!
– When you wash your bathing suits and towels, allow them to air dry instead of using an electric dryer.
– And remember – you don’t need to purchase a new bathing suit every year. 🙂

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