How has agriculture changed over the years?

10.08.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

The agriculture of our generation has changed drastically since our grandparents generation. Today we don’t have to worry about the growing seasons and if we will be able to plant certain crops. For our generation everything is always in season. if we want apples or strawberries in the winter we just drive to the grocery store and get them. Our grandparents, however, would rely on the weather patterns in order to survive. 200 years ago 90% of our population lived on farms and grew all of their food. Today only 2% of the entire population actual grow what they need to live. Is this necessarily a bad thing? In some cases this could be detrimental to our population. How can so few of us actually grow the food for the rest of the world. This is made possible by the advances in our technology. Even though we shrank in numbers the technology makes up for the difference.  We are able to construct genetically altered plants and food so that it will be easier and quicker to grow.  From using shovels and pitch forks to the abundance of advanced technology we have evolved into a self sustaining population.



by: Dieter Kuhlka

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