Is water really as renewable as we think?

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Water is one of those resources we interact with on a daily basis. We use it to wash our clothes, we drink it, we see it falling from the sky, we use it for recreation. It is something that always seems to be there for us. Far from the truth is this. Water is becoming a scarce resource for many people around the world. When looked at in the short-term water is a renewable resource but over time it become polluted and unsafe to use. Throughout the world, about 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. Of all the water on the planet, .007 of that is potable or safe enough for humans to drink. Water has become such a scarce resource. Everyday water is being polluted by exhaust, run off of pollutants, even natural disasters. Managing our water resources has become one of the most important steps we could take in securing a more sustainable future. For many people in developed countries the idea of a water crisis is almost non existent. That phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is true when it comes to the water crisis. For other developing countries it is much more of everyday life. The water crisis is not an unsolvable problem and there are steps being taken to fix the crisis but if we do not act now, we will face larger consequences due to our ignorance and lack of action.

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