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Fracking is a major environmental that has various repercussions. Fracking involves the process of extracting natural gas from shale rocks deep within the surface .Fracking fluid is pressure injected into the ground through a pipeline.The mixture then reaches the end of the well where the high pressure causes the shale to crack, creating fissures where natural gas flows into the well. ¬†Fracking allows for natural gas that was unattainable before to be gathered. Fracking causes habitat fragmentation and the setting up of the drilling sites for fracking creates destruction. Also, the fracking and drilling process can actually cause earthquakes which is a major environmental issue. One of the biggest concerns due to fracking is that methane can leak into the atmosphere during the process which increases the amount of green house gases. Methane is worst than CO2 and it’s being released into the atmosphere and the water supply. Methane concentrations are 17x higher in drinking water wells near fracturing sites than in normal wells. ¬†In addition, fracking creates noise pollution that is caused by the drilling rigs and by increased truck traffic. Fun fact: on average, it takes about 1-8 million gallons of water to compete each fracturing job.

-Cassandra Chaves

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