BigBelly® Trash Compactors

10.17.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

These solar-powered trash compactors are new, innovative ways to reduce trash collections, keep public spaces clean and help the economy. Although they are solar-powered, they actually require very little sun to operate, and they work under any weather conditions including rain, snow and shade. Unlike traditional trash cans, these completely close. When it reaches capacity, internal sensors trigger the compactor. It then flattens the trash, making it easier to collect. An electronic wireless system signals when it is full. A typical barrel can hold up to five times the amount of trash a standard trash barrel can hold, which can eliminate 4/5 trash pick-ups. This lowers labor costs, decreases fuel costs and reduces fuel emission. They typically pay for themselves within two to four years. For more information, visit


Jillian Chrysikos

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