Think (green) Outside the Stonehill Bubble

10.18.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Looking for something to do outdoors now that it’s a little cooler out? Here are some ideas:

  1. Head on a nature walk with friends on our own campus!  There are a few trails around campus that you can easily access.  My favorite one is across from the tennis courts next to the grotto.  The walk is a relaxing one, with plenty of nature around to take in.  Take some friends and a camera and enjoy the biodiversity right on our own campus!
  2. Pack a lunch and go off campus to the sheep pasture and community gardens for a picnic.  The picturesque sheep pasture and community gardens is the perfect getaway when you just need a break from the bustle of college life.  The working farm is also home to chickens, ducks, goats, geese, and sheep.
  3. Volunteer at the Farm at Stonehill. In less than a year, they’ve harvested over 10,000 pounds of vegetables! Check out the Farm’s blog here:
  4. Hang out on the quad and play frisbee! Simple enough, and a ton of fun!
  5. Head off campus to Borderland State Park- the Eco Reps went this week.  It’s a beautiful trail.  Look out for pictures coming soon!

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