Climate Change in the Arctic

12.03.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Climate change in the Arctic is very real and is becoming a huge problem for not just the animals living there, but for people all over the Earth.  The rising temperatures are causing glaciers, sea ice and permafrost to melt causing there to be a significant rise in sea levels.  Animals such as Polar Bears, Walrus, and Penguins are slowly losing their habitat because of the melting ice.  There is also the danger of more floods occurring around the world because of the rising sea temperatures.  Also Arctic Marine Fish Stocks are slowly starting to deplete because of the rapid change in temperatures.  A lot of people around the world use these fish as a primary source of food, so they could be in trouble in the future as well.

Thankfully there are some solutions to the problems I listed above.  The main reason how people can help is to start using more sources of renewable energy.  The main sources that they can use are solar power, wind power, and hydro power.  If people start to use these sources then perhaps the climate and temperatures around the world will start to return to normal levels.  Therefore everyone will benefit and be happy.

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