Make Recycling Fun!

10.16.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Everyone knows the popular phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”, but what if that also meant having fun too? Did you know that you can make some pretty neat stuff out of things that you can recycle? Next time you go to recycle an aluminum can, take the soda tab off the top and save it. There are so many things you can make out of these little soda tabs and they will give you an incentive for recycling! You can make stylish bracelets, purses, and belts out of these soda tabs and once you get creative the possibilities are endless! You can create a cheap, fashionable, and recycled accessory that all of your friends will notice. You know recycling is good for the environment and that you should do it to help cut down on the impact of the┬átotal waste that you contribute to the earth, but now you can have fun while you do it! Here is a site that will show you how to make some easy accessories out of soda tabs:

You don’t just have to stop the fun at soda tabs! There are so many different things around your house that you can turn into awesome reusable odds and ends that you can continue to use instead of sending all of those things to the dump. You can recycle tootsie roll, starburst, and other paper wrappers to make bracelts, old magazines and newspapers to make pretty and trendy paper beads, and you can even use old bottle caps and recyclable to-go containers to make even more things! For more ideas on what you can make or to find out how to make these awesome recyclable gadgets just visit Google and plug in search terms for recyclable crafts and recyclable jewelry and you’ll see just how many things you can make out of “junk”!

Happy Upcycling!

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