Don’t like the weather?

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Blame climate change!


In return on average assets study at Rutgers, they measured and calculated the changes in the jet stream which resulted in a longer and more erratic path caused by global warming. The jet stream is a powerful, high altitude river of air that transports weather systems around the planet. Satellite Image

This causes weather, pleasant or foul to linger for longer periods of time. The jet stream is fueled by the differences in temperature between the Arctic and middle latitudes. Because the temperatures in the Arctic have been rising rapidly due to global warming, the difference are becoming significantly less than usual, and causes the jet stream to slow.

The results from this are that the weather is remaining the same for a prolonged period of time. For us who are residents of North East USA, this was the many winter storms and extended cold weather we had to endure. Unfortunately, Rutgers researches said that if the earth’s temperatures keep rising “we can expect more of the same [jet stream disruptions] and we can expect it to happen more frequently.”


Post written by Celine Hickey

Stay green even though the world around you is covered in white.


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