Drought in California

03.02.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

According to an article in the La Times, in Long Beach, California, there is a shortage of water. California is usually a place where this is common, and droughts are a problem. Because of this, city officials are restricting the area’s water usage and putting caps on how much water can be used. California has always been a place that has struggled with drought, due to its high temperatures. The article stated how officials were realizing how much waste there actually is and hope that these bans will cut it by 10%. Here inMassachusetts we are very lucky not to have these types of bans. That being said, we should take a lesson from other areas of the country and try to reduce our usage of water, as well as remember to be grateful it has never been a problem we have confronted. I think it is especially important to conserve water on campus. A lot of people take our fresh water for granted, by taking long showers or not shutting off faucets properly. It is our responsibility as students to use our resources to ensure that our state will not have to face the problem of a drought, as well as pass on this way of life to other people outside campus.

Written by Ashley Faghan

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