The Story of Stuff

03.25.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

Story of Stuff

     The story of stuff is extremely interesting and it changes the way a person looks at how things are made in our world. We are surrounded by a society that loves to have things that are newer, better, stronger, and faster. We will do no matter what it takes to get things that are exactly that. What many of us do not look at are the consequences of us always needing this new stuff as soon as it is released. Companies watch our every move, and whether we realize it or not, companies make products around our consumption and will do whatever is necessary for us to buy more.  A product that you only have to buy once and will never need to be replaced is not a money making product, is it? Think about it, if a company sells a product and it will last forever, once they sell the maximum capacity of this product where is the money to be made? There is none. Companies realize this and they make products so that you will always need something newer, better, and faster. Not only do companies do this, but many companies make products so that they  will break and you need to buy them again. “The Story of Stuff” looks at the consequences of our need for constant consumption and tries to shed light on what needs to be done.

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