Easy Energy Saving Tips

04.01.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

Many of us don’t realize how easy it is to save energy. It can go beyond just turning off lights when we leave a room. ┬áThere are lots of ways to save energy in very simple ways. A lot of these methods can even be followed on campus with a few simple switches.

-unplug cellphone chargers, hair straighteners, and any other things that are in an outlet. They still use energy while plugged in.

-power strips are a smart idea because you can shut off all your appliances at the same time.

-When doing laundry, wash clothes in cold water. By doing that, less energy is used due to the fact that water isn’t being heated. Also air dry clothes as much as possible.

-use the correct amount of detergent to prevent extra water from being wasted, causing there to be more energy released

-when doing laundry, fill the machine instead of doing two separate loads each half full.

-change light bulbs in your house to Cfl’s to reduce energy wasted while lights are on.

– Don’t leave the heat or air on while no one is in the room. This applies to dorm life as well as home life. A ton of energy is wasted each year because of this.

-seal cracks in windows to prevent heat loss or ac loss.

– Open windows before turning up the ac.

Written by: Ashley Faghan


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