Solar Cars

04.15.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

by: Jake Rafferty

What do plants and solar cars have in common? They both get their energy from the sun!


Solar Energy Vehicles (SEV) is a company that installs solar panels on the roofs of hybrid cars.  This is a way to reduce the amount of electricity used to charge cars that may have come from fossil fuels.  According to SEV, “the Toyota Prius can operate up to 30 miles per day in electric mode thus improving fuel economy by up to 34-60% (depending on driving habits and conditions).”  The company also offers recycled Prius’s with solar panels for as cheap as $25,000.  Between the cutting back on fossil fuels and the recycling of manufactured automobiles, this company is creating a lot of opportunities to reduce carbon footprints.

Click here to see the SEV website!

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