Save the Bay Struggles for Justice Against Polluting Company

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Save the Bay is an organization that operates out of Providence, Rhode Island with the goal of protecting the main watershed in the state, the Narragansett Bay.  In 2009, it was noticed that a local scrap metal company, Recycled Metals, was not following the regulations set up by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM).  In 2012, the RIDEM issued a cease-and-desist order and levied a $46,250 fine against the company.  This was then changed, “A settlement was eventually reached in which the DEM reduced the fine to $33,750 and the company committed to paving a substantial portion of the property and installing an underground drainage and treatment system. The consent agreement also required the removal of the ships to be salvaged and illegal fill material”.

A Save the Bay worker observes Recycled Metals’ plant.

To this day, there still are several ships, barges and other vessels, including an old Russian submarine, await salvaging.  Miscellaneous metals are outside the main facility and the secondary facility where rain water hits and enters the storm drains.  This is obviously a huge environmental and health concern.  Save the Bay are obviously concerned with the bay, but this metal run-off could affect the lives of many.

Rusted boats left on the pier belonging to the company, contributing to the pollution in northern Narragansett Bay.

This is another company that knows how to break rules and get away with it for the most part.  Save the Bay are doing their best to try to get the RIDEM to step up, but the RIDEM has been far too relaxed when it comes to allowing the Bay to be put at risk.  This also sends a message to other companies along the bay that they can also break RIDEM regulations and get away with it, all while harming the bay.  I suggest everyone who reads this to check out the article (which is where I got the quote from and the first 2 pictures) and follow Save the Bay on twitter (@savethebayri).

Recycled Metals’ property by the bay.

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