Pure Life or Pure Profit?

10.16.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

After watching The Story of Stuff online for Eco Reps, I now receive e-mails from the website every couple of weeks. These e-mails spread news about sustainabilty related issues and how we can take action in the fight. Most recently I received an e-mail detailing Nestlé’s push to privatize and gain larger control of public water resources. The company’s Chariman of the Board, Peter Brabeck, has come under fire for his statement calling a human beings right to water an “extreme solution.” Upon criticism Brabeck has scaled back but the Nestlé as a whole has not.


Nestlé has instead continued to market bottled water as status symbol in addition to lobbying for water to not be declared as a universal right. Business Insider writes that these actions taken by Nestlé and other bottled water companies have made bottled water cost 2000 times more than regular tap water. As these big businesses gain millions in revenue, we lose our access to free and clean water, our natural right to this staple of life, and large sums of money. This process is also contributing greatly to the excess of plastic which, if not recycled, ends up in landfills or even worse, fragile ecosystems.

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I encourage everyone to sign the petition against Nestlé’s policies by clicking here.


You can also view The Story of Stuff here. It was a great, quick, watch and receiving the e-mails holds us all accountable and informed for taking the necessary action for causes that matter!

-Madison McGlone

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