Pumpkin Shortage

10.19.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

According to farmers around the country, there is a pumpkin shortage. Yet, it is nothing to alarm about. Pumpkins are still in stock in many supermarkets; they just may be a bit pricier. Because of the various hurricanes and the dramatic increase of heavy percipitation in the past year, it has severely affected the amount of pumpkins that are available for this exciting holiday.

Due to the heavy amount of rainfall, the growing season was delayed. After that problem was resolved, hurricanes (such as Irene) had a drastic affect on the amount of pumpkins. A fungus called “phytophthora” spread in many pumpkin patches and had a negative affect on growing rates.

Even though there is a pumpkin shortage this year, Halloween will not be canceled. It must go on but in the mean time, you can carve a fruit or vegetable such as making “squash-o-lanterns” or cant-o-lanterns! Another alternative would be to buy from a local vendor that may not have been affected by the storm & it would cost less!

Have a fun and safe Halloween, Skyhawks!
Source: The Week

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