Climate Change Causes Impact on Various Seasons

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After attending the Peoples Climate March in New York City, I have been extremely interested with learning more about the effects of climate change on the planet. I found an article from Science Daily that discussed how climate change alters the ecological impacts of seasons. People seem to assume that highly populated coastal areas will experience the devastation of climate change the most. Although, it is alarming that an increase of the average temperature of the Earth will cause the rising of oceans and flood landscapes those are not the only areas that will become affected. Regions by the coast will become endangered, however, no place is safe from climate change. It has been discovered that places far away from the oceans have the largest change in daily and seasonal temperature variability. Climate change is an issue worldwide and it could affect crops, malaria transmission, insects, and confuse migration patterns of birds. According to George Wang, a postdoctoral fellow from Detlef Weigel’s Department for Molecular Biology at Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, changes in temperature variability across the globe has been ongoing for over 30 years now. The variation in temperature has many negative side effects. For instance, bugs may survive for a longer period in non-tropical regions, which could in turn cause increased crop damage from pest insects along with the spread of disease such as malaria. In addition, not only are insects being affected, plants in temperate regions are also being effected. Temperate region plants are adapted to the temperature of the particular season they are which is how they know when to produce fruits and flowers. Since the temperature has changed dramatically, it is going to become more difficult for plants to behave according to season. This is the reason why some plants may produce flowers either too early or too late. A potential outcome may be that some years certain fruits may never grow. According to a study performed by Wang and Dillon, the areas of the world that have seen the most dramatic effects of climate change are the places in which are the closest to the poles and far away from the oceans. In these areas in particular, the differentiation between summer and winter temperatures has decreased. This article has posed issues that the human population should care about. People need to realize that climate change is real whether they believe it or not because we are already experiencing detrimental effects and they will continue to worsen if nothing is being done.

-Cassandra Chaves


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