Why Aquaponics?

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Aquaponics is a way to environmentally produce plants and small aquatic animals. They live in a symbiotic environment where the nutrients from the fish help the plants to grow and vise verse. There are many different varieties of aquaponic systems that one can create consisting of different types of food, different sizes and complexity.

Normally, in the environment the excretions from the see life can be toxic, but aquaponic systems use the technology of hydroponics to
change this into nitrates and nitrites. The hydroponic system takes in the water and breaks it down with hydrogen-fixing bacteria and then sends it back into the system.
This is an easy, two in one, way to farm. The technique is simpler than plain hydroponics because it is nature instead of involving chemicals and fertilizers. Also, the system uses very little amounts of water, because the water is recycled. The system does not need soil and the plants grow bigger and faster than in-ground grown plants. It is even fully organic. However, it uses a significantly less percent of energy than a normal organic farm would. The system does not need fuel, and only needs electrical energy which can be created environmentally soundly by things such as wind, solar or hydroelectric power.
Additionally, there is less labor involved than regular farming, because the plants only needed to be potted and this can be done while standing because of the height  of the system. The food is even been known to taste better. This is an environmental way to recreate and revolutionize the way farming can be done in a more beneficial and chemical-free way.
-Meghan Jordan

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