Green is the theme for Holiday Lighting!

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As soon as the calendar switched to November 1st, I could hear the trace of faint carols in my ear. The holidays are more than ever in our faces, whether we are reminded by commercials on television, tunes on the radio, or parents already asking what we would like for gifts. Nonetheless, as we begin (or have already begun) prepping for this special season, I would like to remind you all of an awesome website that promotes sustainability in all aspects of living (literally, check it out!) and it provides an extremely relevant and helpful guide for going green this season!

Two weeks ago I was reminded of the holiday season arrival by noticing Stonehill stringing up lights around campus. I do not know anyone that does not get excited from seeing colorful lights hanging on the branches of trees and the arches of homes. However, I want to offer some sustainable advice from and some of my own before you start setting up your lights:


-Use LED bulbs, which “use up to 95% less energy than larger, traditional holiday bulbs and last up to 100,000 hours when used indoors” (

-“Over a 30-day period, lighting 500 traditional holiday lights will cost you about $18.00 while the same number of LED lights costs only $0.19”  ( also suggests comparing the amount of lights per string length to not only get your money’s worth amount of shine, but to use less lighting when you can!

-Remember to set your lights on a timer (or just remember) to turn them off before you go to bed at night…I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind either!

-Use less lighting in general! Contests for “Most Holiday Spirit” are common, so if you enter, make sure to use sustainable lighting. It also helps to think about the amount of time used and the number of grunts you’ll release when taking all of them down.



Have a restful and bountiful break, and enjoy the little pleasures of the upcoming holiday season!

Caroline Grady





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