Being Green (and economic) at Roche Dining Commons

10.25.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Plastic to-go containers offer a great resource if you need food on the run, but, not only are they not very eco-friendly as many are trashed instead of recycled, each container has a small cost deducted from your meal plan.  If you’re anything like my friends, you’ll be running low on your meal plan sooner rather than later so you’ll be looking for ways to cut costs.

What about purchasing a plastic green reusable to-go container?  Sold at the dessert counter in the Commons, these containers have a one time fee associated with them.  After enjoying your meal, a simple cleaning of the containers is all that is necessary to prepare them until the next time they’re used.  Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about whether it should be recycled or thrown in the trash because you can keep it until you no longer need it.

Another economic and eco-friendly thing to do is bring your refillable water bottles to the Commons instead of using the plastic or paper cups provided.  A discount is associated with water bottles and you’ll be saving the earth with barely any effort.

So when December rolls around and you’re not panicking about having no money on your meal plan, you can thank an EcoRep and the Commons for providing you simple, economic ways to go green on our very own campus!


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