Where did all the honey bees go?

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In the past 20 years the amount of commercial honey bees in the united states has rapidly decreased by 40%. So honey farms are facing a decline of their “workers” by almost half. If a big company were to loose half of their workers it would not be able to function. It is not just in the United States, Europe, especially the UK, is taking a hit by the decline in populations of bees.

So where are the bees going?

Major farms use insecticides while producing their crops. The insecticides are used to prevent insects from eating the crops and usually kills them. These insecticides are usually aimed to kill bugs like flies and such. Bees are also effected, not necessarily killed directly, but effect them. These effects are philologically (where the bee does not mature into a adult bee), forgetting foraging patterns (navigation), and learning processes (recognizing their nest). These factors then bring the  bee to its death because it cannot forage food and survive.

But why should I care? Bees are annoying.

You might think that bees are only good for producing honey, which yes they are good for that but that’s not their main job. Farms do not realize they are killing off their most important resource which is the bee. The bee pollinates flowers which allows for plants to produce their fruit of vegetable. The world relies on farms for 40% of their food, which without there would be mass starvation. Globally the net worth of the bees work is worth over 331 billion dollars. Using the pesticides is being counterproductive for the farms. So it is important to urge farmers to stay away from these insecticides.

Below is a link where, if you are interested, you can sign a petition to ban these pesticides to save the bees, and get more information on the topic.


-Emily Donahue


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