the Truth About Holiday Sustainability

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Kristina McAvoy

#1. Faux trees can last forever so they must be green. False

Truth: Plastic trees are made out of hard to recycle plastics such as PVC that are shipped from China. They do more harm than good to the enviornment and only last about 6-10 years. When they are thrown away they just sit in a land fill because they cost too much to be recylced. Instead you can get a real tree that is biodegradable and can be used as compost or mulch.

#2. Warming up your car is necessary in the colder days of winter. False

Truth: Warming up your vehicle is unsafe, ineffective, unnecessary, and wastes gas. Warming the engine doesn’t warm up your car faster than actually driving it and idling releases unnecessary pollutants into the air.

#3. You need the most Christmas lights on the block to be the best house. False 

Truth: You don’t need your house to be seen from outter space. You are wasting a large amount of energy and resources for no reason. If you are going to decorate with lights for the holidays, use LED lights that are more efficient than incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer.

Above are just a few false claims I’m sure we’ve all heard during the Holiday season and I hope I was able to clear some of them up for you. In addition, to the facts I have posted I would also like to talk about making your Holiday season an eco-friendly one. Here are some things to consider this season:

1. Consider instead of breaking the bank and buying everyone on your holiday gift list a lavish new item, why not make them something that is unique and more meaningfull? One of my favorite sites for gift ideas is Pinterest. You can find all sorts of cool crafts to make and many are eco-friendly and used out of recycled materials!

2. Instead of buying wrapping paper make your own! You can use last years paper, old newspaper, or even magazines. (If you want you can even make bows and ribbon out of magazine pages.)

3. Finally, Remember this holiday season that it isn’t all about the gifts and money you are spending, it’s about family and spending time with those you love. Don’t go out and spend all the money you have for gifts that are going to go to waste in the next few months when the person you buy it for loses interest. If you can, make your gifts eco-friendly and personal. These are usually the best gifts and the person receiving them will be very happy.

Keep these tips in mind this season and have a happy and eco-friendly holidays!

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