Blue Hills Volunteer Work

12.02.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

The blue hills reservation is one of Massachusetts’ most notable nature preserves, and one I have been able to visit multiple times over the years both for recreational and educational purposes. I don’t have a firm number of how many field trips were taken there for various purposes but I always enjoyed the wildlife sanctuary and nature trails that comprised it. I think this is one of the most important functions of the reservation and one of the most effective ways to promote sustainability on a larger scale. If we expect people to act more sustainability we must first get them to appreciate the natural world around them, flora and fauna both. Consequently maintaining the reservation is of particular import. the Blue Hills Reservation for their part sponsors numerous events and opportunities for volunteer work. In addition to general events intended to maintain the trails throughout the reservation, there are regular community events aimed at removing invasive species that threaten the forests. There’s also the option to adopt a trail where a volunteer can maintain a trail for a minimum period of two years on their own time. The Friends of Blue Hills offer training and advice for these purposes. Keeping the Blue Hills Reservation operating and pristine may seem initially like a small thing. However the impact of preserving such a natural sanctuary and its educational facilities could help promote sustainable practices on a grand scale. For more information on getting involved check out the volunteer page on the friends of blue hills website:¬†

-Brendan Creed

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