A Greener Christmas

12.02.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

Christmas is supposed to be a holiday about giving, so we should learn how to give to the environment too. There are lots of ways to celebrate a greener Christmas such as paying attention to the gifts you buy. You can be more green by buying less by making homemade gifts and Christmas cards or doing a secret Santa, so that you can focus on one gift. You could even re-gift something that has sat unopened in your room. When you do have to buy gifts, do it in a greener way like buying things that were made locally. Gifts that are recyclable and do not need batteries are also more energy efficient.

Also, there are ways to wrap your gifts greener. You can buy “environmentally friendly paper” and make sure not to buy glossy or metallic paper. Also reuse as much as possible and use as little tap as possible. An alternative to tape is ribbon. Even get creative, and do not use store bought paper. Make up your own way to hide a gift, such as with a favorite magazine or old shoe box.

Some other ways to be more green are focusing on how you decorate. If you buy a live tree it can be put in a pot with soil and reused for two-three years and it does not involve all the energy and plastic used to make a fake tree. Also you can go outside and decorate a tree for birds by using bird food such as seed bells or pine cones with peanut butter on them. Also notice the way you decorate with lighting. Make sure too use LED lights and you can buy “outdoor Mini-lights” which saves energy. Also simply reduce the amount of lights you use and make sure to turn them off at night time.

Overall save, reuse and recycle as much as you can. You can save almost everything, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, lights, Christmas trees and more. Old electronics that still work should be recycled too. For more information, Recycling electronic goods.


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