Climate Change and Christmas

12.03.2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

Well, Christmas is finally approaching rather quickly. Unfortunately, finals are almost here! Take a moment to just read this blog, it is worth the break.

Every day we are faced with climate change. The climate is increasing at a fast pace. The ice caps in the artic are melting and the animal species is suffering for it …. Especially the polar bears. The rising of the heat is causing inconsistent weather changes. We all enjoy having a white Christmas, don’t we? If the climate change continues we may not have another white Christmas. That’s really unfortunate. You know what’s worse? We may not have our wonderful coffee to keep us warm because of the constant weather changes. Want to know more? Check out the following links below to see how YOU could contribute to a better earth:

Here are five quick ways you could help save the planet this Christmas!

  1. Instead of paying for wrapping paper this season, try using old paper bags and decorating them. You will save money and also save the planet!
  2. Recycle the paper or bags that you unwrap gifts with, it would be even better if you reused it. The bags are really worth saving and reusing for the next Christmas!
  3. When eating dinner, try using glasses of water. Don’t hand out bottle of water if you could prevent it.
  4. Hey! It’s a tradition to decorate the tree. Try creating ornaments with the family out of recyclable items! It would be beneficial for family bonding and the planet.
  5. Try organic items at the dinner table. Your family will feel better provided the nutrition and will be up to some fun family games!


-Natisha Moore

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