Why should we use Zipcars?

10.01.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Alright, so everyone has been asking “What is Zipcar?” and “How do I use Zipcar?” or even “Why should I use Zipcar?”. All of these are great questions and hopefully you have been able to find the answers to all of them during the month we’ve been back on campus, but in case you haven’t here are some reasons why you should seriously consider using Zipcar instead of bringing your own car to school. Beyond the money you will be able to save on gas, insurance, a parking sticker, and parking tickets, Zipcar is also a good way to help cut down on the pollution and harmful effects that driving your own car can have on the environment. According to statistics presented by Zipcar, each car that they have (which is shared by people who use them as they need to), takes about 15 cars off of the road. So, by using Zipcars, only when you need to go somewhere, you could be part of helping to take excess cars off of the road which will reduce the amount of pollutants that get released into the air. Now one person using a Zipcar may not seem like a big improvement for the environment’s health, but imagine if everyone at Stonehill shared Zipcars, instead of bringing their own? The possibilities could be endless with Zipcar as a new way of public transportation, and you wouldn’t even have to worry about missing the shuttle at the T ever again! Zipcar offers an environmentally solution to go where you want on your own time.

For more information and to see all the perks of using Zipcar check out: http://www.zipcar.com/is-it/